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I'm a man but I also love to wear dresses, and skirts, for the most I prefer even (little) girls dresses
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My ideal age is 12/13 in 1962/63. It was a great time for all things girly. I love wearing clothes of this era and pretending to be a preteen girl in the early sixties. While I love nylon and satin, et al. There is something about cotton panties, petticoats and bra that still evokes young memories for me. A time of innocence, for me, I guess. My dress-up fantasies are not sexual, but young girl, innocent adventures. Like the American Girl stories before they got all politically correct and modern with them. One of my favorite movies still is Pollyanna with Haley Mills. A bit earlier than my favorite time period but still pretty dresses and petticoats. Another of my faves from the early nineteen hundreds era is The Adventures of Occie Nash. The Parent Trap with Haley is within my favorite time period. I would LOVE to have the yellow dress Haley wore in that movie with all the petticoats underneath! SO YUMMY! Does anyone know of others in this group interested in the early sixties girls fashions?

I'm creeped ou can I call you minecraft creepeer

Your too old for little girl dresses

yes me to and the older i get the more i wish and want to b e wearing little girl's vintage dresses skirts slips panties in fact i wish i could go back start all over but this time as a little girl of four or five and stay little forever i am n ow always searcing for boys in dresses skirts et all that is cute pretty little girls dreses for boys whi want to be girl;s like me i picy ture myself as a little girl with long soft feminine haor blue and or green eyes who wears frilly and school and casual little girls dreses pastal solid cloors mary janes and t strap shoes casual play shoes for little girls<br />
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i want to be feminine but with a toiuch of tom boyisness for playing outside but still love to play with dolls quietly sitting in dresses playing with my sisters and girlfreinds yes i wish i were a a little girl!