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Whats Up....ok first my name is Robert,But my screen name is keligo,and I live as a male during the day and dress feminine @ night,but it's like a sexual act to release something of what is supposed to keep me relaxed turned me into the girl that I've always known i was but have the complex of a guys life(artist life actually,)i'm a cartoonist and have a polished look,so i need release sum where lol, but yea I like wearing dresses,and feel more comfortable in them I don't really share my experience with anyone...just me and Ocassionally one girl but thats it I'm me and when im dressed up I don't think of people I know,work with,love,and any connections,just clear ur mind....and don't think of loved ones that passes.(that ruins the experience when I'm dressed straight as a guy I think of loved ones,and such just not dressed as a woman...(*I know I'm weird huh,but yea thats my comment 32 year old guy.girl personality
keligo keligo
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You are far from alone. I am wearing lingerie, a skirt and top as I write this! So ENJOY!

I love puting on any. Dress I can gt my hands on but I like skirts and hells more