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Soccer Updates

Well, I can say I have good and bad news about being humiliated wearing a dress at soccer

The dress was okay, it was a short style dress ,above the knees and light green in color
I enjoyed wearing it and of course made a fuss of NOT liking it
The coach was too kind for my liking as after only wearing the dress[ over just my boy undies]
for 10 minutes he decided I could remove it.

The interesting cool thing was ,another guy asked me all about it [wearing a dress]
I didn't ask him much as I suspect he wants to wear one , we shall see if he misses practice

beautifulOwendi beautifulOwendi 18-21, M 2 Responses Sep 22, 2012

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If this keeps up, he may soon be really short of players!

It is interesting how we all seem to find ways of letting our fem side out in public while still seeming to be in the closet. My parents use to tell me if I didn't take better care of my boy clothes they would make me wear a dress. Unfortunately even though I continued to be rough on my stuff they never made me wear my sister's dresses so I did on my own.

awe, that's to bad, I wish they had carried out the threat

Me too, I often wonder how things might have turned out. I think those of us that are predisposed will find a way no matter what. I also think that those that say that they will stop for whatever reason are really fooling themselves. We do it for a reason that resides deep in our being, only makes it tougher when we try to fool ourselves otherwise.