I weared yesterday 1 dress 1 swimsuit one piece 1 thong to the day
Maybe I stay weared to tomorrow
I love wear girls clothes I feel good and nice when I do that anytime
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5 Responses Jan 15, 2013

like wearing dresses because they are comfortable! I also like the looks of them! I feel less bored when in a dress! I feel more comfortable and confident in a dress! I dislike mens clothes as they are drab and seldom fit right therefore extremely uncomfortable! I wish I could get away with wearing womans clothes 24/7! I know when crossdressed I look like a beautiful girl.....

You should try some tight rubber panties

I just started and I love it

You´re so right in doing it - wow! I´m looking forward to trying it out, one day...

Me to good feel and iam siting a g sting. in silk wanit other to plsy