Can a women try to talk to my wife about me wearing girls clothes?
thestifmeister thestifmeister
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Well I'm as close to a women into this kind of stuff your going to get.

Add me sweetie. I can try. Muaah

have her email my Jenny at Jenny_lee911 at yahoo for any of her questions.

You might try going to gay bars or lesbian bars. We go to lesbian bars occassionally. Or just around your wifes i friends if your wife allows it. She should b in charge of you women ARESUPERIOR. Yes I was a MAN now just a male sissy. Thank you and curtsey.

My wife won't let me wear them outside and I hardly can wear anything

Ecellent louis. I applaud you and glad to see another couple

Thanks sissytom63

I can only wear bra and panties that's it I want more like a dress and skirt and skorts

And nylons and garter belts panties thongs lacy stuff and much much more

Our lucky


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I am a CD and I can tell your wife that I have been doing this since I was 9.My wife helps me and takes my pics.You can never get the girl out of me.It is part of who I am.
Louise CD

Can u add me so I can see the pics

I have added you.Thanks for sharing.I ama female in a male body.If you understand me I can tell you that the feelings and emotions will never go away.When you accept them fully your life will change forever,
I have a great wife.We have been married 42 years.We have 3 kids and 8 grand kids.I am kust a normal human being that loves to be a girl as often as I can.
Louise CD

What do your kids call you? Also they see you in the clothes?

My youngest daughter knows and shares my passion.She tells my wife that she got her tastes for fashion and colors from me.The other 2 have no clue.This is a very private thing between my wife and I.We share everything.People are on a need to know basis.Understand.
Louise CD
PS My yougesy daughter said she always felt I was different.She found out on her own.I was always very careful around my kids.

How did she find out? Also who started the crossdressing was it you talking to your wife or our wife talking to you?

My daughter just said it was her femake intuition.She felt closer to me.It was my wife talking to me.She wondered why I was not always trying to get into her pants like other guys.She respected me for that.I once asked for a pair of her stockings and that is when she asked me to know more about me....we have been together 47 years now married 42

So she is totally ok with it

Yes.She will never fully undersyand but she respects my feelings and emotions.she loves my feminine side

I wish my wife loved that side

She does not understand but you need to reslize that even if you suppress your feelings they will never go away.It is part of your make-up.My wife understands that.She respects me.I need more than what she can give me.
Louise CD

I din know 2ho you are talking to but my daughter is growwn. Just close friends and a couple o her sistes

We are talking about my kids.
Louise CD

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