Pity Party

I'm a burden.
To my closest friends, I'm considered dead.
To my family, I might as well be.
Those who have loved me, A burden is what they've all come to call me.
My death they secretly wish for, their welcomed blessing.
I'm hurt. I'm angry. I'm tired of crying.
I don't know what it is about me exactly.....
How could they all betray me so easily?
Tread on my heart and word while smiling?
Treat me like garbage as if I'm nothing?
I'm loyal and true and I've proven myself real to you.
Your love isn't real. Your talk is bullshit. You we’re always a fake. I've grown bored and tired to enjoy pretending. You think yourself so sly but I've seen through your ruse.
I've even amused myself in leading you on to believe I've fallen for your pathetic excuse of lies. Tis I whose snared you to reveal you for the real fool. You've shown your true colors and they're so ******* ugly. & I saw you for what you are. A true wicked heart with selfish desires.
The truth is beautiful but still it stings me so painfully to have learned I can't trust you.
I gave you my all and you abused it for your amusement. I gave you my friendship and you manipulated to your advantage. ...
Yet I love you still ... and I always will....
All of you in life whom I once adored and treasured so.. You've taught me a valuable lesson. I will never allow myself to get close enough to be hurt again.
I Thank You. for this soul embedded gem.
Trust No One
Your Burden,
Cosreal Cosreal
31-35, F
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