Most Christians...

would probably call me a heathen even though I'm a christian.

I have my conclusions of how I, as a christian should live my life. I think outside the box. I question what I read in the bible. I question my pastor. I even question God (hey even Joel Olsteen has encouraged people to question God). I don't except "That's just the way God wants it" or "just pray about it". I don't think God has a problem with me questioning things. Questions are a part of learning. If I didn't ask questions I would know less. Not only that but God made me who I am and I am a person who needs to know Why.
I like Joel Olsteen, he's quick to the point and a great man of God. I also like Jay Bakker, though I don't agree with everything he says I enjoy listening to him as well. I have even had the pleasure to meet him when he first moved here to New York and have coffee with him.

I go to a great church that excepts people just the way they are. I really like that.
It wasn't like that at the other churches I had gone to before. You were expected to make an external change but no one would ever care about the internal change that should be taking place when you first become a christian. They only cared about what they could see. God doesn't care about the way you look on the outside, most just don't understand that. "Come as you are". And for some reason the established christians give off this "I'm above you" attitude. Every one has sinned, and will sin. No one is above anyone else, God wants us all to come to him no matter what life we have lived or are living.

I'll write more on a later date right now I'm sleepy. Night.
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catching up on my comments. I haven't been on EP for a while.<br />
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Thank you. I've been to a lot of churches. There are a lot of good christian people and churches out there and they get a bad rap because of other strict, single minded christians that pollute the masses. So very frustrating to have to deal with people like that. I am a very open and non-judgmental person. I as a christian try to think the way Jesus would have thought. I think that it's a realistic way to view things. Be accepting of everyone, love everyone, help everyone who needs it, be forgiving and show mercy.<br />
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I have been to churches that the people there have not been any of that and it is sad. I have been to churches like the one your friend goes to. I really hope that he's found new place to worship. It's really sad when people lose their faith because church members are stuck on religion. They can make up some weird stuff sometimes.<br />
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Thanks for writing :) <br />
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"religion is the opiate of the masses".

I'm totally not religious at all, devout atheist here. <br />
But I think that's really good. I have a friend that goes to an incredibly orthodox church. They try to pressure ways of thinking on him that he can't agree with :/<br />
I keep telling him he should just change church, because there are plenty of more modern/reasonable churches/temples and stuff out there.