My father is an atheist, but he taught me to believe anything I wanted. He didn't force any religion into my brain. If I asked a question about God, he answered it best to his knowledge, without judgment or negativity.
A lot of people find that shocking. They assume all parents force their religion on their children. And I asked my dad that once; I asked him why he didn't care what I believed in.
He said, "I'm an atheist, but I'm not a stupid atheist. I don't throw science into peoples' faces, I don't insult God in front of them."
And I'm a Christian, but I'm not a stupid Christian. I won't throw a bible at you if you tell me Heaven isn't real. I won't judge you by your belief.
If you believe in God, or nothing, or Reincarnation, that's fine. That's your opinion.
But we'll all find out in the end, won't we?
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that last sentence tho. I'm stealing it for one of my books, if you don't mind.
I like that he was goo like that. I'm part atheist, I believe in the existence of God, and Jesus. but I consider myself 'part' atheist because I think, or believe that science out rules things in the bible, but that's my opinion.

That is cool. I always figured that of all things we believe or do not, religion is one that should be left to the individual instead of parents or whoever expecting one to believe what they do

Excellent education in both good manners and intelligence.