i just got a single cup coffee maker
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12 Responses May 15, 2014

I never wanted to get one because of the total waste of it to the planet but .... I got one this February. I felt so guilty! LOL Nespresso. It makes full cups and also espresso. It's so delicious. Are you enjoying the one you got? What is the name?

im too ;) , I got addicted to coffee :p

I'm a coffee lover also even to the point that I will pee my panties

COFFEE even though I'm a little young

One for me...!please!

I can't do that I love coffee!!!

Hope you wear it in good health. . Cool beans oops hot ground beans lol

I love my morning cup of coffee

I love my cup of coffee in the morning also.

You need a bigger pot.

my coffee maker makes 12 cups... I, good sir, LOVE coffee

May I please have a cup...please? ;-)

o nice bet ur be using that a lot