There is nothing better than sitting on the deck with a coffee and listening to the waves hit the shore. Incredibly relaxing morning!
allymacc allymacc
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11 Responses Jun 2, 2014

Best way to start the day!

I like my flat white daily, whats your coffee weakness?

I am a coffee addict, Love it so much you almost have to inject it In my veins

Waves, sitting on deck? Where are you, it sounds exciting!

tea lover

U forgot bout the cigarette

No, it was intensional.

Then in the evening, I get another cup of coffee, move 100 feet inland, sit on a bench, and watch the drunk tourists. It's like being on a safari!

right! good morning :)

Yes, all seemed placid, calm and serene ... BUT THEN THE GREAT WHITE JUMPED OUT AND DEVOURED Coffee, Coffee-Cup and Coffee Cupcake too !!!!!!

Dang that does sound nice. Especially on a Monday.

I simply love that.