Why is the coffee gone? -Jack Sparrow
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You really screwed up that line...

Have some coffee, then read it again

I don't think that would help.

Right now drinking coffee. Instant coffee imported from Malaysia.

Instant coffee? I don't think we can be friends! :P

Ran out of ground coffee. Do I get a second chance :P?

I know this is a month late, I didn't see this until now, hopefully you've changed the error of your ways and I'm willing to give you a second chance :) lol

I like my coffee like I like my men strong, sweet, and full of cream haha;)

I can't relate at all! I like my coffee black! :O

Lmao! That's cause your a man.

The coffee has made you wise!

Yes, yes it has lol

I only drink black when Im pissed off...
...at a man lols!

Be careful, once you go black you never go back!

Also heard this, once you go black, you end up a single mother. I guess that means I wont be able to afford creamer? :P

Lmao! That's funny right there!

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Without my coffee a lot of people would be in the hospital haha no one takes my coffee away!

I'm tagging you as "decaffinated, extremely dangerous!"

Lmao thanks!

Omg...I hate when I woke up in the morning and with my glued eyes, I realize that I forgot to buy coffee, one day before.

Somebody call 911! We have a missing coffee! I repeat, THE COFFEE IS MISSING!

I didn't do it, I swear!!

You look guilty! You've had four cups and this poor girl has had none. I'm afraid we'll have to take you in for questioning!

But.....but......okay, no need to use your handcuffs I have my own.....

Sorry but those pink fuzzy ones won't do!


LOL.... I can't believe this!

But you must! The situation is more severe than you can imagine!

I had some days without coffee...and I felt like sh.it. My head was ready to explode. lol

Don't bear your burden alone! It's good to reach out and confide in others, that's what we're here for! Just let it out, let it out

I also like the coffee, it's not just a need.

You are not alone in that feeling! We all struggle and have coping issues when the coffee is not in our lives!

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I drank it all. ;)

Give it back!

Sorry sir I can't. It's my lifeline today! Lol.

Here I sit teetering on the brink of being forever lost to my slumbering and getting off of this couch to conquer the day. Outside awaits the many quests of responsibilities, the unmowed lawn becomes the impenetrable forrest. The unclean pool becomes the green ocean of algae. I fear I will forever swallowed by my procrastination as sleep overcomes me... Do you not care?

Of course I care. But lives depend on this coffee I'm drinking. If I don't have it, I will have to strangle a few annoying people. I'm too cute to go to jail!!! Listen, I'll pour you a some and we'll have a cup. Deal?

Pour me two and we have an accord!

*sigh* Men, such complicated creatures. Alright fine, two. But no more. And don't tell anyone that I was this nice!!

Men complicated? Hahaha you're joking right?
Don't worry, I'll keep your secret! :)

I would never joke about something like that. At least not before having my fourth cup of coffee. And thanks for keeping my secret, you're a real peach. ;)

Please, oh please drink that fourth cup before you make any more incoherent statements! :P

Already ahead of you. :)

Well then, want to come mow my yard and clean the pool? Lol

I'm hyped up enough to run a marathon, so why not. Lol.

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