I...just...ran out...of creamer...... Everything... is starting...to go..in slow
m o t i o n ...
Ludavin Ludavin
51-55, F
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LOL. I cant stand drinking coffee without sugar so I know what you mean. My husband drink his straight black no cream or sugar and I don't know how he does it.

i love flavored coffee creamer. i am so spoiled by starbucks i don't think i can enjoy coffee unless its flavored with white chocolate or caramel!! lol

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i barely understood any of that

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yeah sure, i guess, send me a pm, and please quit talking like you are a child, or are you calling me baby??

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Learn to drink coffee the way my old flight instructor taught me, strong and black (and usually reheated LOL)

heyyyyyy don't give up


🐨 🍼 🍦 🍨 Some alternatives 😄

Milk as a last resort with some sugar??? Totally not the same but it helps a little. . I feel your pain. I bought a new creamer and I can't find it!

Man up girl! Drink it straight! ;)

But. But. FRENCH VANILLA!!! :(

Little kids in Seattle are having to put up with skim milk! Drink what you got!


A lady does not man up, a man would offer to buy her a cup of coffee or bring to her, her favorite creamer, she is out of!! ;) :p

Yesh! What she said :D

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