The smell of the grounds. The process of creation. Pour in water. Scoop. Turn on the machine. Smell the alluring aroma. The anticipation. Pour. Mix. Taste. Finally. Heaven.
Ludavin Ludavin
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mmmmmm I 100% agree....Love it !

Lol. You must love it to comment twice! :D
Double coffee goodness!

mmmm love that smell

Ikr? Mmmm indeed!

With the green beans in a bowl of water, rub them in your hands for a few minutes and then rinse. In a small perforated pan (probably not to be found in this part of the world; but, a small pan will do) over a fire, shake the beans as though you were popping pop-corn as the fresh aroma of the roasted beans begins to fill the air. Once browned to your preference, grind and gently boil in an Ethiopian jebena for ten to fifteen minutes as the aroma continues to permeate the air. Mmmmm . . . just as you anticipated . . . delectably fresh.

Ok. But I have none of that equipment. Lol. Sounds delish!

Lol...You make it sound so yummy and enticing..Maybe I will try it, because I've never had a cup of coffee in my life...

My evil plan to make converts. Muahahahaaa! :D

LOL..You always make me laugh...I would never have guessed your mastermind plan..


Me too! Never could stand the cheap coffees. Have to have the fresh ground stuff. We have a little place here that roasts their own beans and they even beat Starbucks. I just open the bag and that wonderful smell permiates the air.

Nice. Maybe I'll explore around town. Thinking of finding some coffee beans to grind now. Lol

Lol. And it tastes awesome too!

Oh yes!! Though I once used brewed coffee, I have since switched to Keurig over 2 years ago. Dearly LOVE the flavored creamers and coffee variety. Love STRONG aromatic coffees which are hard to find. No work. I live for my coffee.. The only vice I truly have besides my Harley


The aroma is out of this world. Different brands.

I know, right? Love it.