ugh Im up 530 AM headed to the keurig
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I love my coffee. I drink too much. I'm a 42 year old widow since I was 30 years old. I just got pregnant. This will be the 7th baby.

When I'm pregnant my bladder doesn't hold very good. Especially with all the coffee I drink. I'm starting to wear "Always" diapers with a pad so if I don't make it I won't pee on the floor.

Coffee is always a delight first thing in the a.m.

That is the only way to get And lots of it! I can drink it all day long!

me too!! especially when its cold outside :)

o my thats just to much i think i would just have to stay under a heated blanket all day lol

Coffee is my goto comfort drink/food. Good morning.

goodmorning to you :)

its great to have a lay in until SO late!

My sanctuary lol

my drug of choice ;)

Pump it into my veins

I've been up since 5. Would love a cup of coffee. Would you mind making me a cup. Always nice to share a cup w/someone.

sure thing Miss Lady would love to have someone to share a cup with :)

Would enjoy that this morning. Everyone in my household is leaving shortly. :-)

same here kids are getting ready for school only to rush last minute back into the house because they forgot something lol after that i will come home to silence :)