Just drove my daughter to work at McDonald's, so had to grab a coffee.. not my favorite but its not bad:)
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I was impressed with the last cup of coffee I got from there. It was my first and I would get another one if I was going to have a cup of Joe.

McDonald's coffee is my favorite. Don't like Dunkin Donut's coffee

They serve ok coffee, but the best kind of Coffee you can drink is organic fair trade.

I totally agree:)

better if you brew it yourself,but mickyd barely passes as coffee

Actually, I would say that Burger King and Seven eleven top the list for the worst brewed and sold.

I agree

McDonald's is trying to keep up with Starbucks and getting their coffee from the same place and same roaster processor, RBI, Nesco, Smith and brothers, Old Plantation. So it's likely to be good! The only other coffee I would try as a middle quality coffee (same as Starbucks and McDonald's) is Dunkin Donuts Coffee. and after that Yuban, 8'o clock, and Folders.

Thanks for bringing up Nesco, I was about to ask about that. I have a friend who loves that brand.

Smith and Brothers is better coffee. Although you can take a small can or bag of Starbucks french silk and add it to dark roast Smith and brothers and you will see a difference a better flavor. and combing the 2 saves some money on the end. especially not going to the Brick and mortar Starbucks shops.

no...speedway by far sells more coffee than all those combined

Yea theirs is ok I really like speedways

speedways tops them all

I agree and for the price you can't beat it

McDonalds is not bad ..You always know what you will get. The mystery coffee at some convenience stores can be "bad". It's a mystery how they can call it coffee??

McDonalds coffee used to be better, guess that is why it is only a $1.

it's not 1$ here in Canada well not in Vancouver.. I found that their coffee went from mud..to actually drinkable now. but I do prefer my homebrew any day:)

Homebrew is always best, McDonalds coffee on the upswing in Canada and down in the US. Not surprised. Us coffee drinkers have to do what we have to do. :-)

I recently took some web advice, bought a manual burr grinder, a manual drip brewer and tried locally, fresh roasted. The roaster told me that his roasts are not on same darkness scale as, say, Starbucks. He said that many will roast so u taste mostly burnt taste. But, he said they roast less and keep a lot of the actual flavour. It seems true, as it is a different experience. Im in toronto. Even in this big city i have to drive a bit to get fresh. And the problem is that you don't want to buy more than a week's supply at a time. I also asked about trading practice. He said some of his beans were direct or one degree from direct trade where he can know he's paying a fair price to the actual farmer.

My wife won't have it unless an emergency caffeine fix is needed. I don't mind it. They can't all be Starbucks ;)