Dark coffee and marlboro reds :D warms my soul
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A girl after my own lungs!!

i am not lover but i like.

I can't drink coffee any more. It just makes me feel to anxious all day. I tried decaf and it tasted like crap. I have to drink teas. Ughhh. The coffee was too much on my body. Allergic to the caffeine.

Dark coffee! Cigs no. I love my morning coffee but I stopped smoking back in 99. Yummy coffee!

can't agree with the cigs tho :(

I was a fan of the Reds...... Now it's Camel wides and a Dew. I hate to smoke.... I know there is way to many chemicals in them but....... I wish they would just go ahead and put caffeine in them. Save me some time and money

Black coffee and Kools work for me!

For me its dark coffee with cold milk to cool it down fast, gulp it down and LM lights, u get the buzz from drinking strong coffee fast and the cig makes it better heh. I smoked red but i only smoked 100s soon switched to medium, then special blend was my favorite for a while now im on lm lights, i like the taste better the marlboro lights

You drink coffee? K lets talk about it over 25 cups of coffee!!

Mocha for me ahhhh

no coffee.

i love a good dark flavorful coffee too. I must admit. I was a bit of a ***** at first only drinking tea. (OH **** OFF) LOL. anyway, I started working 3rd shift and soon was on.my way to mainlining coffee. The more I drank it the more I craved flavor.


Flavored coffee and Camels do it for me.

Sounds bad breath after that๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜

I love Hazelnut creamer

Rid yourself of the Cigs and we'll talk

I'm good thanks :)

I couldn't agree with you more!

Mmmmmmm....pack those lungs full of tar and other crud!!! :-)

Yep, really none of your concern though so why don't you kindly **** off?

Hahaha...joke's on you. I wasn't criticizing you for smoking. I actually like the idea of tar-soaked lungs being further enveloped full of smoke. It's a lung damage interest.

had me at coffee, lost me at cigarettes.

That's unfortunate. Everyone can't have the same experiences though.

very true.

Dark coffee with coco..yeah!