My morning coffee makes getting up at 5am bearable. I only have one cup but I wouldn't know how to start the day without it.
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11 Responses Jun 17, 2015

OMG that rings so many bells. Must be time to wake up

Same here. I raise at 5 am and shine about 9am, lol

Same it's like going to bed with no play.

i'm with you...I have one cup a day when i get into the office - love it black

Well I have more then one cup but yes I do need that coffee a s a p after I get up

A morning without coffee is worse than a day without sunshine.

sipping my first cup rite now in my very quiet office mmmmmmmmm

Morning coffee is one of the great joys of life and something to look forward to every day. Two cups for me and then I switch to tea if I want more hot, caffeinated beverage.

I have one at 4 am before gym at home
then one right after from my fave cafe then green tea for the rest .

Only one? Aw try two it that extra kick

I agree!