I just had a cup at 7:00pm... we'll see how this works for me... lol
Squirtqueen2002 Squirtqueen2002
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I love coffee first thing in the morning I have two cops and ready to go!just

message me, it wont let me message you

It will keep you up for sure

What time are you going to bed

I can drink a cup fairly late and it'll not affect me too much!! I think I've just hardened to it though :-)

Me to gotta have my coffee !!

And what is your coffee of choice

Folgers gourmet blend

Yes it's very strong if you like strong coffee

Nothing wrong with strong blended coffee

Not a bad choice.

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I drink coffee at all hours. I have a cup or two before bed often lol

And what sweet coffee did you drink before you hit the sack

I don't drink my coffee sweet. I had a cup of death wish coffee last night and one more this morning.

Sounds like a good choice. But i would have gone with the ValHalla Java bend. That would put some fire in your soul

I have that as well. I tried it when I first got it, but I wanna finish the dw before I dive into the rest.

Good point. Don't want to let all of that DW go to waste. drink that stuff up.

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sounds like you are going to be pulling a all nighter. live it to the fullest girl

coffee has no time