Don't even talk to me until I've had my first cup :)
angelc82tt angelc82tt
31-35, F
18 Responses Nov 12, 2015

Merry Christmas xo

What is your favorite drink of choice

Have you had your first cup yet ?

First cup? Don't even approach me until I've had my first pot.

How do you drink your coffee

Gee,that is pretty bad. lol

You can talk to me as long as you don't expect much in return.

maybe by the end of the second one lol xo

I'm not that crazy in the morning without my first cup but I do need to have it pretty soon after I wake up

I agree except for me its about the third cup....

I always turn the timer off when I pour my first morning coffee.



my mom bought an espresso machine last year.. she and I use it constantly

the water of life

I thought that was Scotch.... ;-)

Have you had your first cup today? If so, good morning. If not, please delete this message.

I have thanks :)

I just finished my second cup of "Santa's White Christmas", a favorite seasonal coffee, and am about ready to get on with the day. Thanks for the response. Take care of yourself.

Amen LOL

You mean first cup of each day right?


Good. Otherwise, I'd never talk to you because I wouldn't know if you'd ever had your first cup....