I have never had a bf... coz till now, I have thought it's a waste of time while studying. XD

But I'm 21 now and have my LPN license so life is fine. I can think of having a bf, though I'm not in a urge... xD

Anyway, I swear that if a boys takes me to a coffee shop or brings me coffee after enjoying a nice walk outside in the snow (coz I love snow) I would marry HIM! Ahahaha!

I don't need to be taken to restaurants or bars (I don't even do bars) or any pricey place. Take me to a coffee shop/place and you'll make me the happiest girl! :)

Coffee is love... but when sharing time with someone you love with a cup of coffee during winter near a chimney, coffee becomes more than love... it becomes the reason to stay with that person forever. :)

(Says the girl who has never experienced love! Ahahaha)
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Nah he could buy you coffee and be a complete jerk. Never settle girl...

Fear not ;) I have to know the boy before accepting a coffee from him! I ain't gonna let any jerky piece of rotten meat ruin my happiness xD

Bonus points if he is named Sebas-chan? I think that would earn bonus points.... It would for me just because it would be so insanely fun to say all the time. XD

I hate how they do these sweeping age brackets, at first I was like "an 18 year old LPN? Wtf" lol.

Ah ha ha ha one of my classmates graduated at 19... She was the youngest of all... :)

Be careful

Shots of coffee cost as much as shots of booze, so the only thing I take issue with is the distinction between coffee shops and pricey places. XD

Oh~ is that so? Ah ha ha ha!

There is nothing like that first sip of a good coffee early in the morning.