Well, I was a coffee lover until I got pregnant. Before I even got a positive pregnancy test, coffee had begun tasting bad - like, dishwater from a greasy spoon kitchen bad.

I was able to drink decaf from a local roasters for 8 months - until they changed the roast as it tasted like ashes

Now I've had my son and I STILL can't drink coffee! The flavour tastes awful! However, my fave local roastery is opening a location near my new house soon, so I'll give it another shot! I miss the caffeine!! The taste! The smell!!

I'm drinking hot chocolate these days - what has my life come to!? 😮
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Switch to tea.

Well you did not have to get pregnant to taste BAD COFFEE. JUST GO TO COSTAS UK. £5 A CUP AND WORSE THAN DISHWATER.

Actually did go there when I was in the UK last year - it was disappointing!!! You're right 😄

How long did you stay here and where?

It was my second trip and I stayed in East Croydon (much better than staying downtown in London I found!!). Last trip was 10 days, the year before was 6 days :)