I was actually seeing if they have a group called "I love mints" but this will work. I'm sucking on an altoid at the moment and it doesn't seem nearly as strong as they used to. I am definitely addicted to coffee. ????
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motto, "coffee owns me". lol

Yeeeeees. And I follow lovingly and obediently!

LOL....that's a great way to put it....me too, and love every moment of it!

Right? Lead me with a cup o coffee and I'll happily go off a cliff.

I love cinnamon altoids,their the best! :)

I like cinnamon ok but it's definitely not my favorite. I think it was because of fireballs, the candy, not the alcohol. They just tasted funky to me.

Those are my favorite...fireballs and then just that hot cinnamon candy..mmm

I've had one shot of Fireball and that was ******* awesome!! I do want more of that.

Lmao...I mean the candy! But yea...the drink is superb too!

Oooh! That's what I meant too. ;) And that shot was even better because it was free.

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I used to eat altoids all the time, love that peppermint rush from them.

I looooove peppermint. And winter mint to a lesser extent.

Absolutely love peppermint! Addicted to coffee too? Have some mocha peppermint coffee....omg so delicious!

No ma'am!! Why would do that to me? Have I wronged you in this life or another? It's straight black coffee for me. Sluuuuuuuurp! Yummy

LMAO....no Sir, you have not wronged me at all.....but ...but that combination is sooooooooo good!

I can't do it. I occasionally yearn for a little something more in my coffee but it doesn't usually go further than a flavored k-cup.

I completely understand :)

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Seattle's Best level 5. Daaaaark roast. :D Yours?