Wife Has Her Lover, I've Got A New Gay Lover

My wife began having an affair with her new manager over a year ago. He transferred from the New York head office. He took a liking to my wife.  I couldn't compete with his looks, money and power.  My wife had had it with me ever since I told her that I had been sexually abused by my mother and that I was still sexually active with my mother when my wife and I started dating.  Once I discovered the affair they continued the affair openly.  People in her office knew she was putting out.  Some days she won't be home for dinner and will call me late in the evening telling me she was spending the night with her boss.  I'm unemployed so my options are few. 

I'm a cuckold, that's for sure.  People in her office know she is screwing the boss and she's told two of her girl friends that I know when and where they **** and there is nothing I can do about it.  I don't like it, no man likes to know that his wife has a lover.  One Friday night she didn't come home fore dinner.  Sh left me a voice message telling me she was going to be late.  I knew what that meant. I called a buddy and we met for a coffee.  I got a call on my cell around 11 pm.  She was calling from his apartment, didn't bother to use her own phone, and told me she had a nice warm and wet **** and wasn't coming home tonight.  Told my buddy and he said that we should have a party at his place.  Smoked some weed while driving to his  place He had some E, had a pill for each of us and he put on some ****.  jerked off watching a young teen gettint ****** in the **** and mouth.  I was real p[issed about my wife gettilng laid bgy her boss.  I wanted to get stoned so we lit up some hash I had.  There was enough for two pipes but we did it all. 
I was ripped out of my mind.  The next **** flic was two guys going an old broad.  One dude was licking the old broads **** while the other guy sucked his ****. My buddy looked at me, I smiled back at him and he swallowed me whole,  this guy new how to suck ****.  It was the best blow job

i ever had.  No broad had ever gotten me off liike he did.  If was ******* awesome.  I returned the favour but his was the first **** I ever sucked and I know I wasn't anywhere as good as he was.  Buit I practiced a lot that night and I'm getting better.  . 

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