Disciplinarian To Help Women

I am here to do what I need to do to help. I am a successful Disciplinarian and have worked only with women for 40 years To most, I am like a Father figure...now.

Are you having trouble focusing? Do you lack motivation or procrastinate on getting things done? Do you have a bad attitude which causes conflicts?

Do you need someone who really cares? One who will care even about your daily actives

I am very serious and it grows as we work together and I expect the same for you as well. If you don't want to change than don't contact me.

When we work together, I focus up on what you need and what you are doing. We will develop a program of rules, structure, and boundires for you to follow. But it doesn't stop there, I care about you , what you are doing even on a typical day, and you will need to be accountable to me. We work on these problems so that you will avoid consequences.

I do not do sex but I hug. I do use corporal punishment as consequences.

I HOST and expect you to be on time.

Interested? Contact me

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61-65, M
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I only Host in Columbus Ohio

To make it easy to contact me my email is: aspanke@hotmail.com