A Tree Life

i can say that iam a family oriented person in a way that i can sacrifice my own happiness for the sake of my family to have a nice future someday...iam 33 now and still working abroad ...my father died when i was 14years of age im in the middle of our family i have 1sister and 3brother when my father died my mother raise us on her own..but i can see that shes having the hard times so since at my age im tall and matured enough i told my mom that i will work and help her..but my mom told that i need to finish my studies first..but when i graduated in highschool at 15 i start to work at first i become saleslady in a market to help my mom to support our family i stop for a year but then i dicided that i have to continue my studies,,i start goin in school at morning while working at night i continue doin that until my 3rd year i decided to quit in school for some reasons..because my other siblings need to study as well so i decided to work  outside the country..and continuing support my family..i meet somebody who i loved so much but i have to let him go for some financial reason..i cannot give him my whole time and we come from a part that he let me choose..i love him..but i love my family too..so i choose my family and let him go..but im ok now because our life is ok now..but someway im wishing that someday i can meet somebody again..that will understand me and love me for what iam...

msharnett msharnett
31-35, F
Jan 4, 2010