Im A Panty Boy

i could have posted this as a confession i guess. its alot more fun to post as a story though. that way more people will read and post comments on it.

well ill start with the fact that im gay. oh and i love wearing panties. so yes, i am a gay panty boy. well actually, panty man. im not a sissy like some others are. i just wearing them. all kinds of panties. they just feel so wonderful to wear. thinner material, softer, smoother, and much more comfortable to be in than mens.

i found out at a young age how good it felt to be in panties. i tried on a pair my mother had out of curiosity. it was so different from anything i had ever felt before. it was amazing. she found out so i had to stop for awhile. she thought it was just a phase i was going through. it has become a lifelong thing.

i dont wear panties everyday but i wouldnt mind it. i put on normal underwear when i go to work. and when im home im usually naked. its when i want the feel of a nice pair of panties that i put some on. itss not about feeling femme or anything. its just that they feel so damn good. who else feels this way?
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I def feel the exact same way. Makes my **** look so sexy and huge. I do wear them sometimes at work. Gets me so hard

ive worn them at work too. feels so good

I like panties so much I wear then 24/7 even when in male mode

they are wonderful. when im home im either naked or in panties