Strict Orders

I have been searching online for a man who wants a gay panty boy. Once i replied to his post for a submissive **********, I told him about my panty love and he was totally into it. He ordered me to dress up under my regular clothes and drive over. We went back and forth about it for a bit, but he said i had to come to his back door in my sissy clothes and ready. I begged him to let me get ready inside but he would not have it. Lucky for me it was dark the first time i showed up. I did as i was told and parked at the end of the driveway and took my regular clothes off. He ordered me to wear a white bridal body suit with a pink and black frilly tutu. I was so nervous, but i knew i needed to be made a gay panty boy. i had to walk about 75 yards through his yard and around to his back porch. The cool air felt great and i on the walk i was preparing in my mind to be submissive for him. I came to the back door praying this was the right place and that it was not some sortta joke or trick. I could see him on the couch as i knocked on the door, he opened up and i did as ordered. " Im here to be your ***** boy sir" i said. Right away he grabbed a blindfold and put it on me and led me through his house. He held me down and cuffed my anckles and wrists then bent me over the bed. We didnt talk about cuffs beforehand but he was just taking control and i didnt have much time to even protest. He took the paddle up and started spanking my butt. I was made to count them outloud, made to say dirty things after each smack. Like" thank u sir" or " i love sucking *****" or "im a gay slave". He really made me humiliate myself. If i didnt say it just like he did or didnt say it good enough he would spank me again. The spanking culiminated with me having to beg well enough to suck his **** and swallow he said. I eventually did a good enough job and he put me on my knees to suck. He really gave my mouth a workout. We discussed before hand that he would *** on my face, but when it came down to it , he ordred me to swallow and he held my head as he squirted. I felt so dirty and used as his *** was shooting in my mouth. It made me so hard after swallowing for the first time, and now i swallow him every time i visit. After, he un cuffed me, he showed me to the door and sent me away to get dresses again in his drive way.

True story here. I recorded the whole thing. Check me out to see. A pic of the outfit. I love the internet I meet him often so any requests i can post a pic of
bifun2002 bifun2002
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5 Responses Jan 20, 2013

WOW, Great story.

What a good submissive sissy you are

You're awesome. It's good to be just used by a man.

wish I was there I would of suck both of you guys mmm I love the **** too

my bf loves me when I wear theses he loves it I tell him I wear too catch all the ***** he loads up in me m but it feels so good