Gay Panty Boys

This group is specifically aimed at gay male pantyboys. We welcome everyone, but if you're going to be offended at gay talk please remember that there are many other panty groups on EP that cater to straights.

The overwhelming number of panty lovers on EP are straight and invariably the few gay ones are marginalised and told what they can and can't say. I have as much in common with the straights as with someone who also wears a watch or glasses. So I thought we need our own space to say whatever we like without offending.

My own story reads like so many others - my mother dressed me in panties when I was 5 and I began sneaking and wearing panties at 8 and never stopped. I like all kinds, especially the really girly ones, pink, frilly, nylon bikinis or side ties. I also like babydolls to sleep in, the frillier the better. I'm not a CD or a TV or TS. It's my fetish. I wear lingerie primarily for my own satisfaction but also to sexually attract a man. 

PanTee PanTee
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I realize that most femme gay pantyboys will be attracted to macho men, but, oddly, I'm really attracted to other pantyboys. Who else could understand so deeply the magic spell of panties like another pantyboy? A date with another pantyboy is like a 4-hour-long ****** when we discuss frills, lace, thongs, bikinis, ribbon, bows and rosettes, culminating in mind-blowing, nylon-coated ******.

i'm a young boy, 23, who likes dressing up as a girl and being ****** by i a gay man ? am i transgender ? i dont know, i dont care, i am just me and tired of being forced to hide myself, any guy reading this in nyc please **** me and make me your girlfriend !

Feels like home here, I started wearing Panties when I was very young.. I found a really sexy satin pair and every since then I have worn them mostly thongs but I also like the boy cut lacy ones.. <br />
<br />
I' also where nighties and such at night.. *waves* glad to know I'm not the only one

Yes, thank you Pan Tee for starting this group. i'm an effeminate gay submissive panty sissy who also wears panties and lingerie to try and attract Men. i just wish there were more gay or bi Men who are accepting and wanting a fem boy in panties.

I want a fem boy in panties so dont lose hope just yet there is hope I promise

Thank You RainyRaven, it's nice to know there are Real Men out there for we submissive fem pantyboys to hope for!

So so glad I found a group for me. I'm gay and I wear panties. And so many groups for guys in panties just either don't understand us or want us around.<br />
But I'm going to wear my panties in those groups anyhow. So there! <br />
I wear most full-cut nylon brief-style panties, mostly Vanity Fair Ravissant in size 5. <br />
Could live my gay life without them.

I love wearing panties as well as mens underwear all my life i thought i had an average sized penis but my husband assures me i am fairly well endowed so i have to be careful to buy panties that can contain my **** and balls sadly the recent lowrise panty trend has reduced the number of panties i am able to find that fit well enough to wear everyday

I am an older bi male and I have always loved panties. When ever I have a pair on, which is often, I feel so sexy! I keep my penis and balls hairless and this adds to my arousal. What I like more though, is younger feminine men wearing panties! It drives me wild to see a guy in sexy panties. Just checking out some of this groups profile pics gave me an erection! {Which, by the way, I had to attend to before posting this comment} I'm so glad you guys are out there, and I hope this group "swells" in members. I suspect that are many more of us. In my book, there is nothing wrong at all with being open and honest about ones desires and needs. I'm new to E.P. and I'll post my own pics soon and share some stories. Any new friends would be great!! ~Thanks!

I've been a fully girlie lingerie guy for years and it's fab! I wear frillie lacie bra and panties all day and I love going to the gym after work and getting admiring looks from the other guys in the changing rooms. I am openly gay and I love being dressed femininely whilst still being male - I love the looks I get!

This is a great group. I love men who wear panties and also like other men either in panties or not. I bought my first pair of panties last week and have only worn them once. They felt so good. I can hardly wait to get more and wear them more often. I hope to have a story for this group soon. Keep wearing those sexy panties guys.

I love wearing nylon or satin bikini panties and show them to men. It feels fantastic to have men feel me in my panties.

I can't believe I didn't stumble on this group until now. Thank you for starting it. You're so right about so many panty sites having straight guys and even women on them. I've been a gay boy ever since I could walk and talk. I have always been drawn to silk, satin, nylon and lace. Pretty girly panties on my male body is incredibly erotic to me and hopefully to others like yourselves. I too love to sleep in babydolls and other nighties. I am not a cd or tv. I love the range of people and various fetishes, but mine is boys and men who have a major fetish for feminine lingerie. Sheer lingeire really sends me over the top, love the tease of seeing part or all through the feminine fabric. In some ways the pretty frilly things can make sissy boys appear more masculine. A wonderfully odd and sexy combination.

I can't remember when I started wearing panties, but I have a nice collection of em.