Yep, I'm A Geek!

I am a geek from very early on. There is a 16mm home movie of me at age 4 learning how the chess pieces move on the board. I learned to play Risk and Stratego before I learned to ride a bike.  My uncles, who are 10 and 15 yrs my senior, were my playmates and I grew up playing games and cards with them.
My geekiness wasn't limited to playing games.. it was the comic books of that era, the cool erector sets and later in life turned into full on sci-fi/fantasy books, movies and television. Yes, I have watched every episode of the first 2 incarnations of Star Trek. No, I have never dressed up and gone to a con. LOL.

Role play games aren't my forte, but my friends who are serious "gamers" have rented a building for that purpose for 15 years. The "office" is payed for by die- hard geeks who need a place to escape and spend social time, eat junk food, and run with the pack. (Male gamers are notorious for their wolf-pack any weakness and be prepared to be devoured!) Their spouses, and before that,  their mothers are happy to have them out of their basements, lol!!!

It is a bit of an oxymoron, I admit - to think of geeks -especially "gamer geeks" - as social animals. For many of us it was learned early. Family gatherings on sunday or holidays meant sitting aroung the table, eating and playing games or cards. And family gatherings were never just family - there were always strays or friends who lived far from home who needed a good meal and were willing to put up with our strange customs. It was always a warm and welcoming event - and the social aspect played a huge part.

To this day, I have board games, puzzles and/or books in almost every room of my home. Time spent with friends always includes a good game of PuertoRico, Ticket to Ride or Killer Bunnies. I have a vast collection of Charles Wysocki (an americana artist) puzzles that I love to put together for relaxation. I have a "card drawer" filled with decks of regular and pinochle cards.

Reading is more than a passtime for me. I inhale stories, so I always have at least 5-6 books on my e-reader and a few paperbacks ready to go. I have read everything from true crime to westerns- from cookbooks to Chiltons manuals. I learn so much from reading, and books are always like old friends, ready to offer solace and comfort.

I am proud of my "inner geek'... she is a warm, curious and welcoming creature, always ready for a new adventure!

(Ok..if you have never heard of and love playing games with folks who are in the same room with you- check it out now!)
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and a very cute geek you are!