I've always been a Geek; it's only become more pronounced when I became older. What started with comic books and movies moved on to video-games, board games, card games, Roleplay and Larp. I've met tons of great people over the years and I wouldn't change my geekiness for the world!

Take care, all!
Syonide Syonide
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 21, 2014

What games do you play?

I prefer RPGs, mainly because I enjoy the stories and the more methodical pace....Annnnd I'm terrible at first person shooters XD

I totally agree about the RPG thing you just said. And you never played any of the Metroid Prime games? Those are fps. They're such great timeless games. One of my favorite series of any games. My favorite RPG series are Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi, and Pokémon. Btw can you please do me a favor?