Ever since I was 7i always tried on girls clothes. When I was 8 I was at the store to get Halloween costume and the store was huge. When I got there we went right in to go look at the boys costumes but I didn't want a boys costume. I wanted a girls costume. I ran over to the girls costume and I was going to ether be a fairy, cheerleader, or Dorothry. I tried them all on.i didn't like the cheerleader one because of the way it felt. It was ether the fairy one or Dorothy. I looked in both. But I wanted to be Dorothy because the wizard of oz is was my favorite movie then. It came with a wig with pig tails, the dress, toto and the basket. When we brought it up we said it was for my sister and we should that I got mine so the cashier wouldn't say anything. Then we had to go to the shoe store and get the red shoes. When Halloween came no one knew I was a boy in a girl costume. Ever since then I dress as a girl. But my mom doesn't know I dress like that anymore. She though I was just going threw a phase.
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I started with my sisters tights at 11years old .
you started doing a whole outfit ...it must have been so much fun being seen as a girl for a whole day.

Nobody knew you were a boy? That's the whole purpose of Halloween and costumes! Who CARES if you wanted to be a girl and they thought you shouldn't? That's THEIR hangup.


That is the right way to do Halloween. To wear girls costume versus a boy wearing girls daily wear. Maybe next Halloween be Alice in wonderland. ;-)

I'm really happy that you dressed up as who you wanted to be, despite gender stereotyping in our society. That's really cool that you made yourself who you wanted to be.

A cute story

Cute story x