I most definitely prefer men. However there's something magical about touching between women. I could never fall in love with a woman - but I love making love to a woman who is beautiful, soft, clean and feminine and feels comfortable with her body - just like me, I suppose:-)
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interesting..... and why not?

and so sexxy would love to sitting in the corner watching you please and be pleased by another women

you embrace your sexuality.....which is healthy. I applaud you.

hi ! that is good for my imagination ! :-)

I find the way you say that — so beautiful. It's so refreshing to hear someone say something "sexual" without going to the gutter. Thank you for presenting your position with eloquence and class.

You are bisexual then, but only in a physical way. As for me, I can fall in love with a woman and I enjoy doing things with them, but at the end of the day, I prefer my men and to be specific, my husband.

intriguing. So you are a bi.

I did it once with my friend Megan. We had a few drinks and was joking around and she kissed me and let's say I didn't stop her. I think it was just a one time thing.

I'm lesbian and love women

I also prefer men. But! Yes, wow, sometimes ....