It's weird though because I like men. I've only been in relationships with men. But I'm also sexually attracted to women but ONLY on a physical level. I could never see myself actually dating a woman.
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I am the same as you.. I have sex thru mobile with both guy and girls

No its not weird... its called "bisexual" and it just doubles the fun. No matter how you like it - just be yourself and live and love as you want and need!

wow...the dating is the cool part. Sex is great too.

Do u love talking dirty

Oh my god, I seriously feel the same way!!! No joke, I will never date a girl n I know that. But I love to fantasies about them ❤️

Do u love sexy messages? With girls

Um me too... Shall I try to make u turned on?

While talking dirty do u do it u feel aroused?

i know this exact feeling... i prefern lesbian **** to straight **** and would love to do 'stuff' with a woman, but ive never wanted to actually date one...

Does it give satisfaction? U know I really don't know if I am turned on? Really

I think fun 3 in the bed

I'm the exact same way! I am sexually attracted to women. I could never be emotionally attracted to one though. It's just not there! But I'm sexually and emotionally attracted to men. Only ever dated men. But I've had "fun" with females before.

It's wonderful! Because females touch differently. They're gentle and usually more concerned about pleasing their partner than being pleased themselves.

Ohhhh wow

Why is that weird?

Hmmm. Makes sense. To want something physically and not have to worry about the rest? Message me?

Wat should I do if I had to