I play with myself thinking about other females am I wrong for having this urge all the time
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feelings are feelings, there are no right or wrong....there just is what there is so if it feels good go for it

NOT wrong!!!!!

its normal if your thinking about me xD

it's perfectly normal.

Ask yourself "am I hurting myself or anyone else? Am I doing anything illegal?"

If the answer is no, embrace who you are what you enjoy.

Roll on! 😄👊

No its not wrong. Everyone has that curiosity. I'd be lying if I said I'm not curious. It's natural, and all a part of discovering your sexuality. So never deem yourself as wrong for expressing yourself and finding the real you :)

Thanks for the advice

It's fine, you're just any normal person, if anyone tries to tell you different then **** them, they don't deserve your time :)

They don't lol

U r not wrong.... I love bi girls. N need a bi gf.

Oh really?

Yes :)

Bi Girls are twice as sexy ; )

No your not wrong at all... it's actually pretty hot

No, it's natural. You're you and you shouldn't change for anyone. if you enjoy it, then do whatever makes you happy.

Bi grrrl right here.

You do you!!! :)

Dont worry sometimes ownself attract the charges.

Not at all babygirl...100% right in my book....now rub that kitty away:)

Wrong? NO! You are just showing signs of lesbianism, go with it.

No you're 100% right, baby! Its just natural!

Not at all.
x kvc x

I think females are good than male but i don't do you . . . Ha ha ha . . . :) :* ;)

Not married yet.. so i guess yeah. :(

No I do the same.

How do u feel afterwards

I feel good, but then I start wanting that person bad.

No, I am married, and also touch myself thinking about girls (I'm a guy, so it may not be such a revelation)