i was once dating a girl who only wanted to eat me out and when ever she did, it felt awesome i would squirt right into her mouth and she would always ask for more and so would i :)
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Heyy add me im down for some poop and fart play

Mmmmm yum

Love it!

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Do that to me please!!!

I'd LOVE to lick your wet ***** lips and suck your hard **** for extended time, hopefully making you ****** multiple times in my mouth and all over my face.

have you done this a lot?

Thank heaven for little girls

so very HOT!

Can u squrit in my mouth sexy. Oooh mama. I need a ***** so bad. I love *****!


that's is delicious !!

Should have you two together with me sandwiched between you two

Do you play with couples? Wife is bi and we love to play and share with others.

Wish you coukd squirt in my mouth

that sounds great!

mmm, squirting ***** is wonderful


omg I wish I was a hot girl ,, love to drink your sweet squirt