Hi. I'm 18 and I've had a girlfriend for a few months now. Her name is Kaitlin. She's 16 and she looks exactly like a brunette version of Stefanie Scott if you know who that is. We met at my graduation pool party where everyone was nude. She's actually my younger sister's friend and I asked my sister to make sure she came. Anyways, Kaitlin kept on blocking my way wherever I went and she kept on smiling at me. The third time she did that I just totally pressed my naked body against hers and kissed her open mouthed in front of everyone. I then led her up the stairs to my room and wedged a chair under the doorknob. We've been in love and lust ever since.
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Kaitlin is a very nice name and well if you both like each other, it doesnt matter what others think or say, right?