It's really hard for me to accept the fact that I don't like boys mostly because I know my mom will hate me when she finds out
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hi I know what you are going through I am in that same boat in my experience my mom told me she still loves me but she doesn't approve and makes it known that she doesn't but you have to do what is best for you no mater who it hurts. (wow I have no idea where that came from I should take my own advice lol)

show me your ****... jk but seriously imma lesbian... nothing to b ashamed about

Just dont let her find out, I mean you can have a girl friend, so tell your mom you hanging with her, your mom dont need to know your doing any kissing etc.

I have a problem, I hang out with guys to much and am afraid mom would hate me, if she found out I that I long to have female friends

are you 16

I am 20

I am a mum. Not yours, but a mum to someone. So here is this for what it is worth. Mothers don't hate their children. Sometimes they get upset with their children's actions and choices, but they don't hate their child unless said mother has a mental issue. Being a lesbian is not a reason to hate a child.. At least not to me. Be honest. Be open. Give her a chance. Be yourself and be well.