believe it or not all my life i've been attracted to females. i always like the girlie girls that wear dresses & where a little make up like me. I mean what's the point of me liking a female that dresses like a guy?
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I agree. Butch girls hit on me all the time and I think "Why date a girl if she just looks, dresses, and acts like a boy?" The best thing about girls is how pretty they are, how soft they feel, and how good they smell. I don't like the stereotypical "lesbian" look.

Wanna chat? Im a beautiful girl who needs some ***** and tittes

Whoa there, calm down. :P

I like girly girls too. I prefer being the more dominant. The "male" in the relationship per say. I want a girl that sweet and cute and I wanna call her my princess.

That was seriously cute, about the 'Princess' part, I hope you find someone like that, and if you already have someone, congrats to you both. <3

Lipstick lesbian


Yeah but it's an open relationship




Send me a pic of u full body so I can tell

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