Have you ever been in a situation where for a moment, your life seemed to be the fairy tale you've always wanted?

Mine happened 2 weeks ago,

I was on ep, a few weeks back when I met this awesome girl. she's incredible and I've never thought I would meet someone like her..

We've created this friendship and it has been great, but I'll admit, it's confusing.

Maybe this is part of the story where the step mother or the evil queen interferes with the growing connection..

In my story, the step mother/evil queen is my fear.

I fell madly in love with 2 girls (not at the same time) during the past years, and it was heartbreaking. First of all, they were both INCREDIBLY straight, and second they were both my friends. I manage to ruin my friendship with them just because they found out that I liked them..
back to the story....

I like this girl that I've been talking to, but there is this fear inside me that things might go wrong.. Questions are raised and I think my heart is not yet fully healed.

I'm torn.. :(
LoveIsLove216 LoveIsLove216
18-21, F
Aug 19, 2014