My parents are anti-gay. What should I do?
meiwa meiwa
22-25, F
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keep calm and eat some chocolates.. lol just kidding
i know my parents are anti-gay too.
they don't even know that they have one in their house


my parents are not anti gay or anti lesbian, although i think majority in my country are... but it is not acceptable for me to be lesbian.

just be yourself (:

of course, what else can i be?

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i would not tell them just do what you want. maybe college or if you move out you can then experience your life.

decide if you want to live YOUR life or theirs...

Let them be. And let yours be followed ;)

i cannot tell my parents i am lesbian.

I am even afraid to have intimate relationship with girls

dont until you move away or go to college and start experiencing your life on your own.

same here hun :)

good advice!

glad i can help. my parents dont understand me either but over time they will im their daughter and they love me for who i am.

that is good, i am sure your parents love you enough to support and accept you.

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