Some friends took me out for my 22nd birthday. Six of us in this really loud bar, and we were pretty drunk. We were all chatting and flirting with other people and suddenly these guys are betting I wouldn't kiss a girl. They were laying the Katy perry song. The girl they had in mind was with one of them. So I said hell yeah. And I kissed her and she kissed me back. I loved it. She really knew how to kiss. They were yelling for the first 30 seconds or so, but when we didn't stop, thing got a lot quieter. Then we broke the kiss.
A few minutes later I went to the ladies room and she came in. She asked me Did you like that as much as I did? I said I think so. And then we kissed again right there. We swapped phone numbers.
Back out in the bar we danced once. It was crowded so we were rubbing on each other and nobody notices. Then I held her and I came right on the dance floor in the crowd.
We started dating abd it went from there. But then we drifted apart and started dating guys. I still run into her every once in a while.
I've had a few dates with other girls since then.
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4 Responses Sep 6, 2014

nice way to discover something about urself by accident :) glad u found a new way to have fun. hope u keep finding happiness.

that's funny. i know a lady who had similar experiences. after the first time, she and her 'friends' did it on purpose, in restaurant bathrooms.

This reminds me how fun 'truths, dares and bets' are.

Damn, that's hot!