After having deep thoughts and doubts..I finally decided to check out a lesbian bar tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Wohoo!
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what happened there dear ?? u went ??

yes i went was okay, i made friends the first night..hehe

hope u ll go again and often lol

we all girls are the best creature of God. so, we should feel proud to be girl.

I am proud to be one!

yeah, that is the spirit

I a thinking that we need an update to this story!

hahahaha yes I went last night and I had fun;-)

message me with more details please!

Life is about adventure go for it to gain experiences 👍👍

surely will;-)

i want to go with you *lol

i would be needing your company..let's go check it out together;-)

sound great. i wish i can :) just see you next year

hahaha..yes you can! Alright, hopefully next year:-)

*hug lol


wew. amazing. i will get very nice dream :)

hahaha i hope you do;-) and hopefully it wouldn't cut off on the good part..

thanks. lol. good part mean when i hold you on bed. * lol :))

hahahaha really? ?

yes, all night :) morning

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Have fun :)

thank you...

Go girl. You'll love it. :)

i surely hope so.....;-)

Well you have nothing to lose by finding out.

that's true...get this curiosity out of the way!

Exactly - big hugs. Good luck honey :)

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Haven't done that yet I'm still to scared;-/

me too..what if they'll look at me? That'd be awkward....

If they look at you then you smile and say hello.

What are you scared of?

Good luck and above all have fun!

hahaha yeah i need that! this would be my first...I'm curious what's out there

I'm sure you'll have a blast

or i'll chicken out...;-p

No chickening out lol.

hahaha, I will be going alone let's see how it goes!

Awwww I'd go with ya

yes pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee:-p

Might have a problem trying to keep my hands off you lol

hahahaha you have those naughty hands

That ain't the only thing lol

there's more? lol

My mouth is too! ;p

lol.......i'll be damned!

Should try it out sometime


Lol you're a cutie

hahaha thanks...and a chicken

Lmao. We will just have to work on that!

hehehe..first step?

Be yourself. No intimidation. You'll be fine. Go with an open mind sweetie

nice...i will keep that in mind;-)

And keep in mind- I love to kiss and let my hands roam!

hahaha who doesn't??

My kisses are special. I have a very long tongue

hahaha ohmygad!

That's what you'll be screaming over and over lol

hahahaha danggggg..O M G

What? Lol

If you chicken out then you'll regret it and always wonder.

I know i would..I just don't wanna go alone, but i have no choice now...

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