The greatest possibility that she's straight is the hardest thing about liking a girl when you're a girl. The girl that I've been liking for a while now, I'm starting to give up on becoming friends with her. She rejected my friend request and I feel that that's enough reason she's not interested.
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maybe i'm missing something but it sounds like she is trying to avoid u. not to get ur hopes up but maybe she assumes she's str8 but she's questioning her sexuality but not ready to accept certain things. having a girl crushing on her would not make her exactly comfortable right now. even if u or no1 else has said nething about ur feelings for her she could still sense it. even if she feels the same way deep down it might be difficult for her to admit it to herself. or she might not like u that way but the situation brings it to her thoughts. if it's meant to happen with u2 it will. untill then let her figure out things for herself. be there for her if she needs support. just keep in mind this is all 1 big assumption on my part. she might just not like u like there are people who just don't like me. that happens no matter what we do but we shouldn't dwell on it just move on.



I think you need to tell us how she makes you feel?

I have a crush on one of my close friends, and when I went to my friend's for advice they all said "go for it!" Glad I'm not the only one who's afraid like this, although I'm sorry for your situation.

Don't give up you never know what can happen

Then she's not worth it!

what a shame she rejects such a hottie

Yes! I think it's obvious and time to move on.

yes my bad

I think u will find some one u will like

hey never say never

that's mean I bet there other girls out there that would like to go out with u

you didn't know it's not ur fault

Aww I'm sorry to hear that :(