Girls are just amazing, it all started when me and my best friend Kelsey, we were 14, we were together, we started talking about sexx and stuff, she mentioned being bi, and she said she wanted to try some stuff with girls but she couldn't find anyone to do anything with, i told her I would because I had the same feelings, she was a beautiful girl, she asked If I had ever kissed anyone, and I told her no, so she asked if I wanted to kiss her, I was skeptical because I was really shy, but I just leaned in and we kissed, then one thing led to another, she asked if I had seen another girl naked before, I told her no. So she asked if I wanted to? And I said sure. So me and her undressed, I was really nervous, because I was really self conscious, I knew then I was attracted to girls,
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Its true, girls are the most amazing thing, I like to entertain girls even if I need to take my clothes off.

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If i was born a girl, i'd be a lesbian. I cannot begin to understand why women like us men...

I rarely fantasize about men but I do have curiosity about doing oral with a guy. I love women and their bodies, especially boobs, so much that it's led me to watch a lot of transsexual ****. The thought of doing stuff with a pretty, girly one makes me so hot.

I've never done anything about it and I really love women but this is a fun thing for me to ********** to.

don't worry nither can I Lol, I'm a lesbian

Cool. Nothing wrong with that! :)

That's so so sweet. That's exactly how it started for me at the same age. :)
Such a natural instinct with girls :)

I'm attracted to girls but that's natural (: but anyway my ex gf was bi we dated one year as a 3threesome me her and her gf and it was very intimate and good and all till they both wanted children and were fighting over this with me cause I wastint ready I was only 17

so natural

So did yall just make out or go futher?

We went further

100% agreed, girls are soo amazing n being bi just feels soo good!

I started at bit earlier but same - never look back just enjoy!

Haha you will be always ahead, thats natural. but i try keeping up!

Agreed. exploring every opportunity and trying everything at least once - thats me even 1.5 yrs before im turning 18 lol.

I dont care about age limits n stuff. Ive always done what i felt ready for.

Ive done stuff before i was 14. sometines with guys n girls my age, mostly with older. they didnt care bout legal or not, they just loved my age.

I loved it and yeah, breaking rules is fun! Guess we cant msg here. ****** age rules.

I had a similar experience. I had an older lady when i was 15 :)

Oh My! You're starting to sound like me...LOL ;)

It was such an amazing feeling for me also at such a young age :)

So right! never get it why so many girls wait. waiting just means missing fun!

Would love to chat also if you like Emily :)

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