Last night, Valentine's Day, a group of my friends and I decided to dress up and go see Fifty Shades of Grey. I had told my friend earlier that I was not comfortable wearing dresses, that they just didnt feel right and made me very uncomfortable. So I wore a button down, black tie and a leather jacket. Wearing that felt so right. I realized last night that that's who I am. I am the girl that hates dresses and wants to wear suits and ties instead. I have prom in a couple of months and thats how I want to go. I dont want to wear a long dress and put on high heels and go with some guy, I want to go in a suit with a girl that I really like.
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This is great!

I know how you feel give me a suite any day, though id never see that filmed. i sadly had no choice but to go to my formal in a dress but still took a girl. Scary part was a got an award for most transformed female for the way looked. e.g I normally look like a chick in baggy clothes and measy hair, don't care about make up and just like wearing things i feel comfy in.

give me a tie any day.

Film not filmed. sorry using ny phone.

Good for u