More bicurious then a confirmed bisexual. I guess I need to have the "full" experience before I can say for sure lol. But I am at peace with this aspect of myself. I think many women feel a certain closeness, maybe even attraction to other women, but dismiss it. There's definetly nothing to be afraid of.
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My husband's opinion of girls being bi sexual is that 85% of sexy attractive women would be if they only would try it once. I don't prefer women now I have been with a few, but I certainly DO enjoy their touch and making them ****** to my eating their *****.

I am bisexual, girls kiss me
And at one time I thought for
Myself if I was lesbian but I equally attracted to men and when I opened myself to the possibilities of being bi, I was more settled and happy with myself. The one thing for myself being bi is that I never get jealous of other women sometimes I like them myself. But what amazed me is the amount of married women attracted to me. For me both gender are equally fantastic on so many levels.

If most people were honest, they would realize they have a naturally curiosity about sexuality, in all its aspects, as with all other other aspects of life.

Sex is something kind of taboo in society, so we tend to shy away from any curiosities, we find uncortahle to think on.

I for one know I have many curiosities, not just about sex, but many other aspects, that I may dwell on but never experience.

Live is too short, and the mass of experiences we have available to us to explore is far to extensive to be able to try to dabble in all of them in a thousand lifetimes, let alone one.

Wisdom lies in knowing which ones choose.

I wish I could try it with you sweety

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