Nothing more beautiful then the female body. I can appreciate men too...they are beautiful in their own way, however boobs win hands down :) They just do lol.
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I'm with you on this.

That's hot


I agree so true

Are u bi or lesbian

Me too!

The best curve on a woman is her smile... Just kidding! LOOK AT DAT ***!!!!

oh yeah... I'm closeted so when a hot girl walks by near me and my bro. I hate acting disgusted when she actually turn me on.

I think the most beautiful thing about a woman is there personality because when I give them flowers and write them a beautiful song there like (I My Gosh! your so romantic!) And that gives me butterflies all over just like a three leave clover! Hahha girls are so adorble :-)

Hey all you ladies and gentlemen sure do talk a lot about boobs and bums! I could write a song about it if you want? Lol just as long as you say! (My My Gosh! Sierra! you are a magical miracle! kiss me! lol hahahha ;-)

Uh oh! hot girl right before my dark brown eyes, warming my heart up like a marshmallow smore <3 (blushing) ;)

I wrote a song called Bromance! Hahha about how guys like to he with guys all the time,and one lone says (Why do guys have so many bfs) hahhaha it's so funny and true! :-) you can find all my songs that I wrote there! <3

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I couldn't have said it better myself LOL