I seriously don't wanna talk to you old perverted men. :/ I wanna talk to girls :)
Amyyy99 Amyyy99
22-25, F
17 Responses May 13, 2015

such a pity,lol

We are not all perverted..... Well....

hi wanna chat?

how about young men? 26!

Here i am lovely!

hello :)

how u kiss me on the lips without me knowing and will u put anything on ur lips before hand :o

Im neither but would love to chat lol

Too bad .. :( What a shame lol maybe you'll reconsider


Hi I m Tiffany and I love having fun with girl who are bi let be friends add me oxo

What if I'm not old? :p lol

What if I'm not old? :p lol

Omg tell me about it

love it girl you tell em ^.^

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Somehow they never really get that part.

I know. It's ridiculous!