It's funny,how my parents are so homophobic, I just wonder if there ever gonna realize that my best friend is actually my girl friend. ;)
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Story of my life...

do her parents know?

I bet they already know.

think so?

Yes. I'm a mother and I would know or at least suspect that she may like girls. A mother knows that "look" girls make when they exchange glances at a boy they like. With girls you give the same look or exchange glances so if she pays attention I'm sure she picked up on something and bc of her views and feelings towards same sex couples she's chosen to ignore it or make herself believe otherwise. Women are good and convincing themselves.

indeed they are. have you seen that look directed at a woman by another in your presence? did she see you see her?

wanna message me?

lol so sneeky

Would you ever raise it with them?
Well maybe in the short term anyway?

Must have been easy to sneak her into your parents place for a "sleep over" :p

Been in that situation still in a way I am l

perhaps you may always be in that situation, sort of anyway.