My best friend and I have been experimenting for years now. I love men but woman just know each other so much better. I love when she touches me. She will show up at the house in the morning and slide right in bed with me. My parents have no idea what we do because we are best friends and are always together. Yesterday we spent about two hours in bed making each other come over and over. I love her!
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Awww man I wish I had this, you are so lucky!!

Sound pretty nice ?

Yes , sounds hot to me . I am all for the girls getting together and making each other *** -- i want to watch

Oh , be a sport . I'll let you watch

Ok , but you can't blame me for liking what I like . Just like you

Now what would you say if I told you forget in person ***** . Just use your imagination

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Sound luscious. Enjoy the hell out of yourself . You can enjoy both sexes . Your best friend mostly for now .
I want to hear the stories

Best friends make the best lovers.

I'd love a friendship like this

Wish that was me :( you're very lucky

that terrible!!!!! why wasnt i invited x

I wish more best friends were as open as you both are.
And honestly as a parent (and I've discussed this with a few moms) is be glad that your both loving and giving to each other, and I wouldn't have to worry about you getting pregnant. Sex is a normal and healthy activity. Male female sex is also but comes with greater consequences the same sex. I would probably discuss STDs with you as well as matters of the heart and respect for each other those around you and the time of day. As well as what else you should be doing during the day. Other then that! Morning romps are a great way to start the day!